Frequently Asked Questions


How long will the tumblers hold the ice? 

Our coolers can hold ice up to 24 hours.

Where are your tumbler made? 

Similar to many other competitors, Smart Coolers are made in China in order to get the best quality at the lowest prices. 

What is the warranty on this product?
Our tumblers have a lifetime warranty. your cup will change it for another cup or refund your money.
Will you offer different sizes in the next months?
We are currently offering the Smart Coolers 24 and 20 , in different colors. In the next months, we are planning to offer additional sizes and colors.

How do I wash my smart coolers?

We recommend wash. Please, Do NOT place in dishwasher

How much does shipping cost?

Standard Shipping (5-6 Business days)  is free in any place of .

What’s the return & refund policy?

All purchases come with a 100% no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee.



























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